This novel is going to rule ass.

From Publishers Marketplace:

Ismet Prcic’s SHARDS, the story of two young Bosniaks in the early 1990s and their different fates, one who escapes and immigrates to America, and the other who stays and fights in the Bosnian War, to Lauren Wein at Grove/Atlantic, and to Bompiani in Italy, and to Eichborn in Germany, by PJ Mark at McCormick & Williams Literary Agency (NA).

We know Izzy from college. He introduced us to the work of Aleksandar Hemon. An excerpt from his novel was published in McSweeney’s. You can read an early draft of it here.

Seriously, you’re going to want to read this book.

We are currently scribbling notes about all the embarrassing things (so, so many things) Izzy did in college so we can bring them up at the book release party that will inevitably take place in an Assistant Editor’s tiny apartment on the Lower East Side, with lots of well-meaning, aloof people whom Izzy doesn’t know eating cold, grilled asparagus and texting their friends across town, while Izzy sways in the corner, drunker than everyone else but looking quite serene, and a few of us are shouting about how we used to smoke pot on a roof in San Diego.


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  1. Oh man, I’m pencilling that (fictional-yet-amazing) book party in my calendar right now.

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