A Moveable Feast of Your Brains

a moveable feast

Beware the Ernest Hemingway zombie. He’ll come after you with a shotgun and a pith helmet. And if you run, you give him a moveable feast, which only makes him hungrier.

Isn’t it weird how we demand that the information in “non-fiction” books be updated as the “facts” evolve, but we consider the text of classic fiction to be sacred and immutable?

Another way to anger Ernie’s zombie is to tell everyone he was a KGB spy.


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  1. History evolves and events previously in the shadows discover the light; that’s why we revise non-fiction. Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel “The Last Tycoon”, actually, was revised by Matthew J. Bruccoli, working from Fitzgerald’s original notes, back in 1993 for Cambridge University Press. Also, Raymond Chandler’s last Philip Marlowe adventure, “Poodle Springs”, was finished by mystery writer Robert B. Parker.

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