CONTEST: James Wood Mad Lib #3

mad libs #3

This has been so much fun, right?

For the third and final James Wood Mad Lib, we’re going to break all the rules and give a very special bookmark from the Fiction Advocate (OMG OMFG!!!) to each and every single person who takes a guess and fills in this sentence!

 “The reason for the French obsession with the fraudulence of realism—and with fictional narrative in general—has to do with the existence in French of the _________.”



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7 Responses to CONTEST: James Wood Mad Lib #3

  1. Carrie M

    BTW, the original winner has yet to see evidence of said “awesome bookmark prize.”

  2. fictionadvocate

    The longer it takes to create the special bookmark from the Fiction Advocate OMG OMFG, the better the end result will be. Patience, dear readers.

  3. samsamsam

    “Pickard” as in hoisted by your own. Only with a starfleet admiral…

  4. fictionadvocate

    All of you fuckers are getting a bookmark. It’s going to be so awesome you’ll have to go out and buy some awesome new books just to keep it company.

  5. dannybayridge


  6. “Croque Madame.” Believe it.

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