Random Awesomeness

random awesomeness

— Our man Hari Kunzru delivers the first non-rapturous review of Jonathan Lethem’s Chronic City, and it confirms some of what we predicted about the book way back in May.

— Gary Shteyngart is a lunatic, as demonstrated by this interview in Gigantic. Keep in mind, as you read this, that avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable. But it’s true that phallic foods are often delicious.

— Amateur literary readings as reality TV? “Currently, Mr. Zuniga is pitching the Literary Death Match to production companies for development as a TV show.” Wha-wha-what?

— In case you don’t know, Carles at Hipster Runoff is the greatest blogger in the world. In case you don’t believe it, this running commentary will change your mind.


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