Today is the six-month anniversary of the Fiction Advocate.

6 month 1


We defined an entire age in history and literature. We made bookmarks. We swooned over certain fiction writers. We ran some excellent guest posts from Jessa Lingel and Dan Gonzalez. We feuded with friends, and we put out a hit on somebody. We showed you how to be a man. We switched from secondary colors to primary colors, and from first person plural to first person singular (except right now, but this is a special occasion). Some of our favorite writers found us and linked to us. Others called us outWe wrote stories. We perpetuated a number of myths about a fictional character named Robert Repino.

— What’s your favorite post so far?

— Least favorite?

6 month 2


Chapbooks! And new bookmarks. We’re going to interview published writers here on the blog. We’ll define the new generation of fiction writers, just like we defined the previous one. Does anyone know how to design a colophon? We want to have more guest posts. Why aren’t you writing a guest post right now?

— Any suggestions for the Fiction Advocate?

— Do you want to hear more frequent book recommendations on this site?

6 month 4


You probably want this recap to end so you can get back to our original content. Okay, scroll down. We posted a brand new story for you. It’s about haircuts, Chicago, abusive relationships, and totally misapprehending a situation. It’s not bad.

There are two fascinating n+1 articles online. One is about utopia, gay marriage, abortion, and straight marriage. It’s infuriating. Check it out, and then read Matthew Gallaway’s spot-on response to it. The new issue also has a sharp and (in retrospect) overdue takedown of something that we’re apparently calling the “neuronovel.” As soon as you read it, you’ll wonder how you ever loved Ian McEwan. It’s a good article.

Finally, everyone has been jizzing buckets over a new magazine called Electric Literature. And yeah, it’s pretty darn good. We just want to mention that the glowing description of the magazine in the New York Times matches, pretty closely, our glowing description of the poets Matthew and Michael Dickman. The future belongs to good writing, in combination with savvy and relentless marketing. We could have told you that. In fact, we did. In our very first post. Which was six months ago! Can you believe it?



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  1. fictionadvocate

    Bonus! Search terms that led visitors to this blog:

    guinea pig cakes / nancy sinatra childhood photos / chubby mohawk / retard anthem / guinea pigs giving birth / people dead because of volcanos / we make dead things deader / sexxy itali fairy / famous dead mexican freak shows / guinea pig stomach anatomy / faggot fiction / thousands of raving, stumbling drunks / wife fuck dogs nedherland / good qualities in a man / the six fingered man / hurley suck in your gut! / james franco taking a shit / qualities of a wolverine / bull fart / gay stuff / nuclear awesomeness

  2. Matt

    Why, yes, I do know how to design a colophon. This will involve a dinosaur, right? Everyone loves dinosaurs, God’s greatest mind-trick.

  3. fictionadvocate

    Matt, if you design a Fiction Advocate colophon you will be rewarded handsomely in the afterlife, when our biographers praise your creative elan and boundless energy. Same goes for bookmark designs.

  4. Congrats – I look forward to seeing the next six!

  5. Ben

    Happy Belated, Mr. Advocate. Nice party dress.

  6. dannybayridge

    ROFL at the search terms!

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