The Critics Have Spoken

Or at least one of them has.

“Cups of Tea by the Dozen,” a story I published with Vestal Review, has been reviewed online at The Review Review.

Brian Hurley’s “Cups of Tea by the Dozen” is a darkly humorous rendering of attacking mosquitoes with heavy tomes of classical literature, but the text, despite its short length, still manages to temper illogical cynicism and wit with a humble, longing pathos.


The review is 42 words long, and my story is only 357 words long. That’s a sizable 12% ratio. If you were to critique DFW’s 1104-page Infinite Jest at the same rate, you’d be scribbling 132 pages.

The review also has nice things to say about Vestal Review.

The Vestal Review is a spectacularly gripping read.


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  1. Glad you found the review!

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