So I finally got a Kindle, and I finally read Moby Dick. Both of these events felt momentous somehow, and I wrote about them in an essay for Hipster Book Club.

Check out my essay here.

Now I’m reading There is No Year by Blake Butler. It’s challenging and rewarding, just like Moby Dick. But you can’t read There is No Year on a Kindle—it’s specifically designed for the physical page. I like that. I’m not feeling any temptation to return to the Kindle. If I never read anything on the Kindle again, then I’ll have to start thinking of it as my $149 copy of Moby Dick.



  1. Great essay — congrats! — I don’t have a Kindle but I will always love Moby Dick, which for whatever reason I will always pair with Wuthering Heights as the twin pillars on which so much of modern literature has been built. #team_emily

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