DIGITAL EDITION: Robert Repino Has a New Catchphrase

Our first book, Robert Repino Has a New Catchphrase, is now available as a PDF for only 99 cents.

This is the latest edition of the text — some new pages were added in the third printing.

You can read it on all the new-fangled devices.

Carry it with you on a microchip.

Send it to your grandmother in an email.

Print 250,000 copies and airdrop them over Berlin.


To purchase the full PDF for 99 cents, click the link below.

At the same time, there are only 3 printed copies of Robert Repino Has a New Catchphrase left (in the entire world). We’ve slashed the price to $5. We won’t be printing any more. To get one of the last printed copies (on Earth), click the link below.

– Fiction Advocate

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