Adam Ross, Repeat Insulter

Adam Ross, author of the highly praised “Mr. Peanut” recently released a new book, which gave him another chance to come to New York and make fun of Bill at Insulted by Authors.


Adam Ross has a bit of Mel Brooks in him (but which part? Ba-dum-pssh!). Shining eyes that look small, set underneath a gentle curling dollop of sandy blonde hair. His almost cocky smile says he’s thinking of a joke I’d probably not get, and he’s probably right. Read his books, however, and you start to imagine a David Lynch or John Carpenter. Maybe that makes sense, describing an author by way of pop culture filmmakers: humor and psychological horror, with a dash of humanity.

The author of Mr. Peanut and now Ladies & Gentlemen is no stranger to dark humor…

Read about the whole incident.

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