BROTHEL by J. Boyett


We’re thrilled to announce the publication of Brothel, the debut novel by New York City playwright J. Boyett. It’s the story of three Arkansas college girls and their diabolically charismatic friend who decide, each for their own reasons, to open a good old-fashioned whorehouse.

See how it all begins in Chapter One.

And hear from the author in our exclusive interview.

“J. Boyett continues to keep things real by deftly portraying a landscape of sex and love, a place where memories and images are disjointed and brief, overlaid, on top of one another in a kaleidoscope of missed opportunities, aborted launchings, and regret.”—The Brooklyn Rail

Whether you pick up the paperback edition or scroll one of the many e-book formats, Brothel will make you squirm with discomfort and delight. Please get yourself a copy and show your support for Fiction Advocate’s biggest project to date.

The 150-page paperback edition – $12

e-book for Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad, etc. – $5

paperback edition AND e-book – $15

- Fiction Advocate


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