Tumblr used to be a place for animated GIFs of people licking rollerskates and having eternal, slow-motion whipped cream fights. And maybe it still is. But now Tumblr is also a place for literature. Pretty damn good literature, too.

Electric Literature just launched a new online magazine, Recommended Reading. Its main platform is a Tumblr. But it’s also available for Kindle, EPUB, and email. New stories will appear each week from a rotating cast of guest editors, literary magazines, and publishers.

It’s no surprise that Electric Literature would be the first big-time magazine to move into these digital formats. What’s surprising is how good the free content is. With Ben Marcus as the first contributor, and more on the way from Clarice Lispector, guest editor Jim Shepard, and Melville House (to name a few), the real news is that an innovative approach to fiction can gain enough support that it becomes possible to publish great material for free.

Check out Recommended Reading here.

And if you prefer free, weekly fiction the old-fashioned way (web-only) check out Fifty-Two Stories and FiveChapters.

– Brian Hurley

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