Polling the Reads

I don’t normally like much of anything Amazon does, but this map of the sales of “red” and “blue” non-fiction books is cool. Unfortunately, it’s also kind of sad. And also kind of terrifying to see Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged as the top selling “red” book in Washington, DC.

Buyers of “blue” books seem to like history, hate racism and partisanship, and have a serious beef with the concept of God. Buyers of the “red” books either really hate Barack Obama and/or really like buying books where the author is pictured on the cover with crossed arms.

George W. Bush is the only “author” to show up on both sides, with Decision Points at numbers 41 on red and 80 on the blue list.  Less strange but still an odd fit is Christopher Hitchens’ Arguably, which is the 89th most purchased “red” book.

All in all, I guess this is one of those times when you say, “At least people are reading.”

– Michael Moats

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