Name That Brothel

Friends! We published a novel.

Brothel by J. Boyett is the story of four somewhat misguided college students who decide to open a whorehouse on campus. (Details here here and here.)

Do you want a free e-book of Brothel? Of course you do. So answer this question.

What is a great name for a brothel?

Specifically, what’s a great name for a brothel on a college campus in Arkansas?

Give us your answer in the comments section. The author, J. Boyett, will pick a winner (or two, or three).

- Fiction Advocate


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7 responses to “Name That Brothel

  1. Anonymous

    Pizza Hut

  2. Big Brothel. Because I guess on a campus, you’d feel smart to go get prospitutes at a place named after 1984 (Or “Nighteen-Eighty Whores”, can we get two entries?)

  3. Ryan Frazer

    The ROFL Brothel? I’m guessing it would have to be some kind of comedy club/brothel hybrid.

  4. Anonymous

    The Beast with Two Razorbacks?

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  7. The Clinton Memorial Library of Hot Springs.

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