Dark Fiction Giveaway

We want to make your life a little darker.

West Pigeon Press has invited us to give away a free copy of its new anthology of dark fiction, For When the Veil Drops. Dark fiction is anything that curdles your blood and leaves you unsure whether you should pick up a shotgun or call a psychiatrist. Our boy Brian Evenson is a master of it, but there’s a whole community of dark fiction writers out there, and West Pigeon Press is their publisher. Heck, we’ll give you a copy of their first book, You Shall Never Know Security by J.R. Hamantaschen, too.

One thing we love about these stories is their amazing titles.

  • A Lower Power
  • The City Underneath
  • A Parasite Inside Your Brain
  • “Jordan, When Are You Going to Settle Down, Get Married and Have Us Some Children?”
  • There is A Family of Gnomes Behind My Walls, And I Swear I Won’t Disappoint Them Any Longer
  • Nothing Bad Has Ever Happened Here
  • St. Mollusks
  • College

So tell us, in the comments, your idea of a great title for a work of dark fiction.

We’ll select one winner to receive both books from West Pigeon Press.

Feel free to enter more than once.

– Fiction Advocate


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6 Responses to Dark Fiction Giveaway

  1. Anonymous

    Chaos at the Cactus Show
    Leslie Nielsen vs. Satan

  2. samsamsam

    Tuesdays with Morri
    Waiter, What’s that in my Soup?
    If it’s got legs, I gots fetish.

  3. Capngingersnap

    “DOGSLAW: the side dishes of hell”

  4. Taylor

    The Prophesies and Execrations of D. Arnold Pitrowski, Shift Manager

  5. Fiction Advocate

    And the winner is…
    Capngingersnap! With “Dogslaw: The Side Dishes of Hell.”
    But we’re going to send everyone a free gift for playing.
    Capngingersnap, send your shipping address to fictionadvocate@gmail.com and we’ll give you the two free books from West Pigeon Press.
    Everyone else, send your email address to fictionadvocate@gmail.com and we’ll give you a free e-book of a novel we published, “Brothel” by J. Boyett.

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