Sherlock’s Homes


Sherlock Holmes has one of the most famous addresses in literary history: 221B Baker Street, London.

A new CBS show called Elementary has re-imagined the houndstooth-loving detective as a present-day denizen of New York City. Funny thing about New York City, though. It doesn’t have a Baker Street. Anywhere. (There’s a Baker Place in Staten Island, but it’s a single block that dead ends. And it’s in Staten Island.) So the new Sherlock Holmes doesn’t live at 221B Baker Street. Instead he lives at a non-famous, non-literary address in Brooklyn.

What a waste! There are plenty of perfectly good 221 Baker Streets  in the United States where Sherlock Holmes would feel comfortable.

Here are the top 10 properties that Sherlock and his real estate agent should inspect before his next move. (Thanks, Google Maps.)


  1. In Chattanooga, Sherlock could rent a charming cottage furnished with lawn ornaments.

1. Chattanooga TN

  1. These row houses in Baltimore might remind Sherlock of his old flat in London.

2. Baltimore MD

  1. Moving to remote Kenai, Alaska would offer plenty of time to think deeply while smoking a pipe.

3. Kenai AK

  1. Or he could buy this axe murderer’s house at 221 Baker in Malvern, Arkansas.

4. Malvern AR

  1. Baker Street in Moscow, Idaho has plenty of room for the crime-solver to build a home from scratch.

5. Moscow ID

  1. But he might prefer to ponder life’s mysteries while sipping coconut juice in Hilo, Hawaii.

6. Hilo HI

  1. If Sherlock is fascinated by misspelled foreign capitals, he could move to 221 Baker in Bagdad, Arizona.

7. Bagdad AZ

  1. Ramona, South Dakota offers plenty of arable farmland for growing opium. (Sherlock smokes opium, right?)

8. Ramona SD9. If he has a season pass to Disneyworld, he can live on the edge of this swamp in Mount Dora, Florida.

9. Mount Dora FL

  1. But he’ll need some clues to deduce where the rest of his house went in Shreveport, Louisiana.

10. Shreveport LA

– Brian Hurley

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