FINALLY: Entertainment Weekly’s Best Novels of All-Time


In book news, Entertainment Weekly recently published an “all-time greatest” edition that includes a list of 100 greatest novels of all time.

“Finally!” said no one.

The full 100 greatest can be found in the newsstand edition, but you can see the top 10 on EW’s website. And based on the best of the best, it looks like the EW list may be more interesting than expected, and could offer up a few surprises that are worth debating.

The top 10 are a mishmash of established literature (9, 5, 4 and others), stuff people just love reading (7 and 10), books we know we should read and probably won’t ever read (definitely 6, and almost certainly number 1), and for some reason, all of Updike’s Rabbit Angstrom books. None of the Twilight books appeared in the top 10, but they may still make the full list.

Check out the top 10 and let us know what you think.

– Michael Moats


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2 Responses to FINALLY: Entertainment Weekly’s Best Novels of All-Time

  1. If you scroll through the photos of #1-6 quickly you can see that they’re all exactly the same length, with exactly the same back cover design.

  2. Here’s the full 100 list.

    Mike’s favorite comes in at #32. Brian’s is at #98. The newest book, somewhat bizarrely, is “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” from 2012.

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