Ayn Rand: Cliffs Notes Version


Here’s a quick summary of every Ayn Rand novel and the Objectivist philosophy she championed. Now you can skip John Galt’s forty-page, angry tenth grader spew of Tea Party garbage in Atlas Shrugged, and just get to the part where the rich people watch everyone die.

– Michael Moats


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  1. Gay Hout

    I think Ayn Rand had great foresight , remember the minister of economic fairness? How long do you think it will be before they try to make cabinet position for one of those?.

  2. The 1% are the government connected. If you think the laissez faire Rand was preaching has given us our current situation, then you are ignoring the fact the government controls 80% of the economy, and distorts 100% of it. Food, money, energy, education, medicine, banking, investment, retirement, marriage; everything is controlled by the government. Monopoly and mass poverty is created by government intervention, not prevented by it. Wake up. The rich people who are going to watch everyone die live in D.C.

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