Did You Hear? Reflektor

On Fridays we switch things up to connect you with some great music.

So far most of what we’ve posted on Did You Hear? has been looking back, but this one has been tearing up the charts of songs that get stuck in my brain.  One thing that sets this band apart from the crowd is their taste level when it comes to production–listen to how guttural the horns sound, how weird and well placed the synth lines are, how they contrast huge expansive sounds with funky little guitar plink & plonks.

There’s a point in this video (5:45) where the band starts having a dance party to their own music, albeit a dance party in a field at night in front of a glittery coffin full of dolls while wearing masks of their own faces.  But still, basically a dance party.  I love that.

Plus, you know, David Bowie on backing vocals. (4:55)

– Brook Reeder

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