Hard to Swallow

Charles Bukowski

When I heard that Dewars—the “top-selling” blended scotch in the United States, owned by Bacardi Limited—is using footage of the late, great Charles Bukowski to sell its product, I wanted to feel indignant. But then I got sidetracked by what Jason Boog, at GalleyCat, calls his “favorite Scotch Rickey recipe.”

Scotch Rickey for Writers

2 oz Scotch
Juice from half a lime
a couple ice cubes

Mix with some soda and stir with a spoon.

A scotch rickey? Ew! Feh! Gross! I don’t care if it’s a venerable cocktail. Just the thought of smoky scotch and puckery lime makes me want to sober up fast. You’d have to be Charles Bukowski to drink rot like that.

– Brian Hurley

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