Did You Hear? Mayor

On Fridays we switch things up to connect you with some great music.

This track is a bit hard to pin down (see the YouTube comments for several failed attempts to pick an appropriate “genre” for it), but if you give it a chance, it’s a serious head-nodder. ¬†Despite the fact that it’s bleep-blorp music, my first pick of adjectives has to be “funky,” especially when that build-up drops into that ridiculous part at 1:22. It brings to mind some kind of joyful robotics, like what must happen at the auto plant after the shift ends and all those robotic arms come to life and have a dance party.

The track does a cool think where it starts in a different physical space (sounds like you’re listening to it in someone’s garage), and slowly comes closer and closer until the percussion is right in your face. The beat is constantly falling over itself, and it never seems to quite stabilize.

– Brook Reeder

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