Help! There’s a kraken in my social studies book.

Alternate Histories of the World

The Canadian Southern Railway was powered by smokeless, monster-drawn carriages until 1966, “when pressure from monster advocacy groups forced the railways to switch to standard diesel engines.”

George Washington turned the tide of the Revolutionary War by enlisting the help of the French and a “Martian squad of floating saucer crafts.”

The Sahara Desert is so hot that its only native inhabitants are “rodents, snakes, scorpions, and gigantic Deathstalker Spiders that can survive for one entire year on a camel’s corpse.”

I know these things are true because I have seen them with my own eyes, in the pages of Matthew Buchholz’s Alternate Histories of the World, a collection of historical paintings and photographs altered to reveal the participation of monsters, aliens, and robots in events of global significance.

Everyone knows that Napoleon won the battle of Austerlitz. Until recently, I was unaware that he used his Gigantis Growth Serum to stride into battle standing a hundred feet tall.

Seeing is believing. Get Alternate Histories of the World here.

The Taj Mahal Takes Flight

– Brian Hurley

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