“Face-fucked by Satan” in The New Yorker

face-fucked in print

The magazine of record has printed the words “like being face-fucked by Satan.” This has to be a first. Search the New Yorker archives and you won’t find another instance of anyone being “face-fucked” by anything, let alone Satan.

Evidently the proper spelling of “face-fucked” includes a hyphen. This was unclear in The New Yorker’s print edition because the word was split across two lines. (Photo above.) But in the online edition the word is not split, and it still includes a hyphen. (Photo below.) The magazine’s fact-checking and copyediting departments are famously the best in the business.

“Like being face-fucked by Satan” is a quote from Maxim magazine. It appears in Lauren Collins’ article on the search for the hottest chili. You can read all about it here.

face-fucked online

– Brian Hurley

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