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We don’t often burden you with personal updates here at Fiction Advocate. Co-editor Michael Moats never made an announcement about his trip to the desert in a converted school bus and the mind-altering experiments he conducted with lizard blood and static electricity. Art Director Matt Tanner didn’t brag about his miraculous recovery from a flesh-eating Brazilian fungus. But I have some personal news that might be germane to fiction and its advocacy. I am now the Books Editor at The Rumpus.

The Rumpus, if you don’t know, is one of the best literary web sites of all time. I am mostly running the book reviews section. No big deal. People are sending me all kinds of free stuff, like a copy of J.J. Abrams’ new novel. Oh hello, J.J. Abrams. Have a seat. I’ll get to you eventually.

Point is, I’ll be drawing your attention to The Rumpus from time to time, especially the best of the book reviews that we publish. Like Lauren O’Neal’s observant take on a debut collection from a brand new press. Or Chris Lites’ entertaining review of a major new sci-fi novel. Or Kyle Boelte’s deeply felt response to a book by David Foster Wallace’s ex-wife. Stuff like that.

Just be glad we’re not bombarding you with updates about intern Tony Schaffer’s Wham! cover band.

– Brian Hurley


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  1. Robert Repino

    Eff Tony.

  2. Tony Schaffer

    Yeah! That guy is the worst.

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