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Get your head noddin’ ready. This week we’re headed back to 2002, when the talent of Mr. Chris Corner culminated in a terrific trip-hop album called Bloodsport. I think it’s the juxtaposition of the electronic style with organic-sounding acoustic guitar and bass tracks that makes this track work for me, not to mention the ridiculously catchy hook. Detail-oriented listeners, take a listen to the four-bar intro before the vocals come in: what a great setup. I always feel like a good intro sets down all of the rules for the song–it lets you know what you’re in for, and how to interact with what’s coming. By those first four bars, you know this will be a guitar-driven song (but he’s going to mess with it), as those little ‘chunka’ notes establish the funky syncopation.

Great, now this is going to be in my head all weekend.

– Brook Reeder

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