Did You Hear? Alouette

New music! Old music. Music that we love!

How do you take an old folk song about mercilessly torturing wildlife and transform it into the feel-good hit of 1958, somehow encapsulating a sensation of inescapable, infectious joy? The answer is: you do this song. You do everything in this song, exactly like this, the end.

Abridged translation: “Lark, nice lark, I will pluck you. I will pluck your head, and your head, and your head, Ooooohhhh I will pluck your beak, and your head, Lark! Ooooh, I will pluck your eyes, and your eyes and your beak, and your head, Lark. Oooohhh. (etc).”  Wait, hold on just a sec… what was that one in the middle? I’m kind of on board with a fun song about plucking feathers until the singer decides to threaten to remove a birds eyeballs. That’s just dark, man.

– Brook Reeder

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