World War Zzzz…

Black Moon

Can’t sleep? Don’t read this.

In Kenneth Calhoun’s debut novel, Black Moon, the zombie apocalypse arrives in the unlikely form of mass insomnia. Without sleep, everyone shuffles around aimlessly, in considerable mental pain, looting stores and rotting from the inside out. Only a lucky few can drift off to sleep anymore, and lab researchers are racing to find a cure. Calhoun, who has been published in The Paris Review and Tin House, delivers an action story with a literary pedigree, musing on the nature of wakefulness and the relationships we’d go to any lengths to save.

Black Moon will keep you up at night.

– Brian Hurley


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  1. Mike

    Karen Russell just wrote a novella on an insomnia epidemic.

    Is sleeplessness the new vampires?

  2. Oh most definitely. Two things in a row makes a trend, and we called it first. Sleeplessness is the new vampires!

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