Did You Hear? Dress On

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Well, it’s come to this: Jessup Tamberlock. I mean Just-a-tinderbox. I mean JT. You know.

Now, Timberlake is certainly a polarizing figure, meaning you either love him or you just kind of like him. Despite the controversy, I can’t stop listening to his latest two-album spread, The 20/20 Experience. Not only his talent (this guy has clearly put in his 10,000 hours, everyone), but the production and arrangements are surprisingly nuanced and layered. “Dress On” is a good example of all of that, and includes one of the best opening lines I’ve heard in a song for a while. One thing I really like about the album is that there’s lots of space–every song is over 4 minutes, and more than 10 songs are over 7 minutes. This also means that every track has a built in remix at the end, which is often where the most interesting stuff happens, like the a cappella breakdown at the end of this track. Face it, he’s the heir apparent to the throne of pop.

If you can’t get enough, try out this track from the second part of the album.

– Brook Reeder

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