Did You Hear? Fritz Lang

New music! Sometimes old music. Music that we love!

One of the most difficult aspects of electronic music is translating it to live performance — no matter what you do, it’s hard to look like anything except a person hunched over a laptop. And of course, it’s reasonable to raise an eyebrow at the fuzzy line between “live” performance and just pressing a series of play buttons. This guy is clearly working hard for every bleep and blorp, and I find it to be a really tastefully made composition that achieves a very cool level of performance. Watching this reminds me of watching Bob Ross paint as a kid — he knows exactly where he’s going and how to get there in the allotted time, but the fun is in watching it take shape. Feel free to disagree, but you should know if advance that if you do I’m going to lean heavily on how well he pulls off that hat.

– Brook Reeder

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