Did You Hear? God Only Knows

New music! Sometimes old music. Music that we love!

One thing I really like about British culture is their penchant for understatement. “Keep it simple, stupid,” as the Queen always says. “Don’t over-embellish, and never ever use 33 celebrities and groups when 32 will do.” In this new production by BBC Music, the Brits really focus in on the bare essentials of this genuinely amazing song, without adding anything unnecessary.

And before I go, you know another great thing the Brits do well? Sarcasm.

My favorite moment is about 3/4 of the way through, when the whole thing is starting to make sense with its own internal logic, and then Dave Grohl just casually shows up in the clouds for about 3 seconds like some hipster Norse god. And yes, there is a precedent for this

Brook Reeder

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