Did You Hear? Covered in Chrome & Sweat Shock

New music! Sometimes old music. Music that we love!

Rock out with your Dump Cake out! A good rock song is kind of like a dump cake, in that… um… OK I don’t know anything about dump cakes.

Here’s what I do know: both of these songs unapologetically rock, and both come from bands who value a kick-ass band name. “Violent Soho”?  “J Roddy and the Business”? FUCK yes.

“Covered in Chrome” has a style and guitar tones straight out of the late ’90s, a kick-ass chorus, and great contrast, following more-or-less the Nirvana song format (which, yes, Nirvana stole from every great punk band that came before them).

“Sweat Shock” is great because of its lack of contrast. I really love those hanging chords that are just thrown out to float over the malicious drum beat (check out around 1:40). I feel like you can only really pull off a song like this if your band name is good enough, which brings me back to where I started: “Dump Cake.”

– Brook Reeder

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