Did You Hear? Beat It (Demo)

New music! Sometimes old music. Music that we love!

This week I’m doubling down with another song that everyone has already heard.

Apparently Michael would completely arrange his songs in his head, and since his voice was the only instrument he could play, he used it to transcribe what he came up with. The precision of his a cappella isn’t all that surprising, but the completeness of the arrangement is what gets me. Assuming this was the first incarnation of this song, it’s remarkably similar to the final version we all know.

What a crazy, messed up super-genius that guy was.

– Brook Reeder


  1. He is one of the greatest! I study Music Production and I must say that his talent is amazing. When listening to all his records you can really hear and feel all the talent and hard work behind it!

    Love your blog btw, I’m just starting mine, but I’m planning on doing some music posts as well :)

  2. good point Jacqueline – I often wonder if everyone else’s strange personalities would lead to the same bizarre behavior of our mega-celebrities under the right circumstances… something about the combination of unfettered wealth plus intense scrutiny on your every move would likely make us all want to own the Elephant Mans bones!

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