Infinite Jest 20th Anniversary Cover Revealed

Last year, the publishers of Infinite Jest asked readers to give it a new look for the book’s 20th anniversary in 2016. Here is the winning design, chosen by a panel that included Karen Green, Wallace’s widow, and Michael Pietsch, the original editor of IJ and current CEO of Hachette Book Group: 


What do you think? It seems a little spare and straightforward for such a maximal and fragmented novel, and it definitely doesn’t stand with some of the other cool and interesting things happening in book cover design these days. Also was DFW a Mason or something?

You can read more about the design on the Infinite Jest tumblr page, and see a bunch of other possible designs at one of our favorite sites, Poor Yorkick Entertainment.

The new edition will be released on February 23.

-Michael Moats

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  1. I’m surprised by the type treatment. It’s so… plain. The image and the spareness and the whiteness seem well thought out, but then the type is like something from MS Paint.

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