Chris Cooper’s Salinger Eyebrows

Cooper BLUR

Today in eyebrow news: 

If you really want to hear about it, there’s a new movie (as yet unscheduled for release) called “Coming Through the Rye.” As with any Salinger project, I approach it with large doses of skepticism. To quote the man himself, on this matter I am “constitutionally inclined to believe that where there’s smoke there’s usually strawberry Jello.

And “Coming Through the Rye” looks pretty much like strawberry jello — a straightforward road-trip-coming-of-age-boy-meets-girl-wes-anderson-knock-off movie with the aesthetics and angst of the average tumblr feed.

But what’s really incredible about the movie, and may or may not be a sufficient reason for going to see it, are Chris Cooper’s Salinger eyebrows.

Ne…. Plus….. ULTRA.

They’re like fuzzy caterpillars of sourness. Like they went over to an old Star Trek set and borrowed some tribbles. Like Cooper must have had to hire a trainer to strengthen his face and an eyebrow coach to make sure he portrayed them accurately.  And kidding aside, they actually work pretty well for the transformation to Salinger. Here’s a preview of the movie, so you can get a glimpse of those badboys in action:

Maybe it will be a big hit and we’ll all be wearing Salinger Eyebrows for Halloween this year.

-Michael Moats

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