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short books about great books

…AFTERWORDS is a series of distinctive commentaries on great works of contemporary literature.

In each …AFTERWORD, an acclaimed writer blends personal essay and literary criticism to breathe new life into a beloved work of contemporary literature.

By exploring themes such as border politics, gentrification, coming out, and artistic failure in light of legendary books and deep personal experience, …AFTERWORDS becomes a living library of the ways literature can shape us.

Great books.

Passionate conversations.

This is what literature is for.

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January 8, 2018

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Stacie Williams on Fortress of Solitude and gentrification

Stephanie Reents on Blood Meridian and the US-Mexico border

Adam Colman on 10:04 and the usefulness of artistic failure

Irena Yamboliev on Middlesex and biology as destiny

Alden Jones on Wild and the stories we travel by


Series Editor Brian Hurley has been the Books Editor at The Rumpus and an editor at Oxford University Press.


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150 pages, paperback, 4 x 6”