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Did You Hear? Untitled

Chance the Rapper debuted a new track on The Late Show that he wrote a few days prior, and I loved it. I love the leap he took to perform something with all the raw edges still on it. I find that art when it’s new, before all the edits and revisions, is sometimes the most powerful, and certainly the most risky.

Also, I’m pretty sure the light set they used was also pretty new, because they made Stephen Colbert wear shoe protectors when he walked out at the end… :)

Brook Reeder


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Did You Hear? Summer Friends

Chance the Rapper jumped onto the scene earlier this year by dropping the best verse on the best song of Kanye West’s latest release The Life of Pablo. That performance was the intro, as Chance says on the opening track of his new album (or mixtape… I think I’m too old to know the difference) Coloring Book.

The best track on Coloring Book might be “Summer Friends,” a soft-and-sweet trap beat (I think) that Chance bounces along on accompanied by someone who sounds exactly like Justin Vernon but apparently isn’t. At first listen, “Summer Friends” feels like a nostalgic look back at early days — “79th street was America then / Ice cream truck and the beauty supply / Blockbuster movies and Harold’s again” — and something good to have with you now that the weather is finally hot. But it’s all a set up for this: Continue reading

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