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Did You Hear? Radiohead OKNOTOK


Radiohead’s OK COMPUTER came out 20 summers ago. To mark the occasion, today the band released OKNOTOK, a remastered version of the original album, along with a lot of really good b-sides and three previously unreleased tracks. You can listen to it all on Apple Music and Spotify, or get it the old fashioned way from Radiohead’s site. I know “Paranoid Android” is considered the album’s most revolutionary track, but 20 years later I think we all understand that the better choice is the video above for “No Surprises.” It is simply extraordinary.

I won’t burden the world with two decades of feels from someone who was graduating high school the same year the greatest artwork ever made on modern sadness was produced. No one wants that, and there is already a ton to read about it over at Pitchfork. I’ll just say that listening to OK COMPUTER again today, sitting in my office, in these times, was like running into an old friend when you’re in a tough spot. A reminder.

-Mike Moats

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Did You Hear? Creep

New music! Sometimes old music. Music that we love!

This great re-interpretation of the great Radiohead song “Creep” has been making the rounds on the interwebs lately, and it’s definitely worth a listen. I particularly like the decision to go half-tempo for the chorus, and the singer nails that key change at the end! It’s right up there with Maxwell covering Nine Inch Nails.

– Brook Reeder

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