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HOT TAKES: Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

When it comes to the awarding of something so prestigious as the Nobel Prize for Literature, there is no better source of commentary and reaction than Twitter. Here are the hottest takes on the hottest award of the year:

There was lots of speculation on who might win this year. Dylan was a longshot, to say the least. As one of the most comprehensive analyses of the field put it, “Bob Dylan 100 percent is not going to win. Stop saying Bob Dylan should win the Nobel Prize.”

But the answer my friend, came in from Sweden. The answer came in from Sweden:

Dylan was recognized for “new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

Some speculated on other contenders:  Continue reading

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Fiction Advocate of the Day

Today’s winner: The New Yorker.  This morning the magazine launched a new books blog called Page-Turner, billed as a place for “Criticism, contention, and conversation about books that matter.” Sasha Weiss elaborates on its mission:

We’ll debate about books under-noticed or too much noticed, and celebrate writers we’ve returned to again and again. We’ll look to works in translation and at the politics of literary scenes beyond the English-speaking world. We’ll think about technology and the reading life. We’ll recommend and we’ll theorize. Daily essays will be the blog’s mainstay, with books as an anchor for wide-ranging cultural comment.

Like Fiction Advocate, Page-Turner will not be specifically focused on fiction;  it will (also like Fiction Advocate) promote smart writing of all kinds. Early contributors include Salman Rushdie on censorship, cartoonist Bob Mankoff pulling together a slideshow of New Yorker cartoons about books, and Giles Harvey using a pun I should have gotten to first to talk about “Death of a Salesman.”

– Michael Moats

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