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Did You Hear? Love’s In Need of Love Today

Even though the begining of this week felt like this to a lot of us, Stevie Wonder is always a great way to take a breath and enjoy a timeless song. It’s amazing to me that Songs in the Key Of Life starts with this 7:00 minute rambling jam. An odd choice, but I suppose when you are writing one of the greatest albums of all time, you’re allowed.

Brook Reeder

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Did You Hear? Superstition

On Fridays we change things up to connect you with some great music.

In the not-so-distant future, when we define words not by how they are described in the dictionary, but by which YouTube video best portrays their meaning, this will obviously be the go-to for defining cool. It’s “Superstition,” which you’ve surely heard a million times, never probably never like this. Stevie and his band in their absolute prime–their glorious, boisterous, jangly, 1970s prime. I imagine the film crew (who may or may not be Muppets) trying hard not to drop everything and just freak out at the sheer amount of amazing coming from this performance.

Some highlights:

  • The kid. Oh, that one kid. He first shows up at :40, again at 4:10, and is the most pure display of how this song makes me feel. I really hope he grew up to be someone who tries to be taken seriously, like Marco Rubio or something
  • 3:45, things turn up a notch
  • 5:35, a false ending – “there’s more funk left!” So glad the show let this one play out
  • Special bonus track: 1-2-3 Sesame Street, featuring Stevie on a talkbox.

– Brook Reeder

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