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Did You Hear? Quantico, Va

There’s so much I could say about this track. It’s one of my favorite tracks of all time, it’s my go-to whenever I need to feel good in a hurry, and it always makes me want to dust off whatever instrument is closest and start playing. The entire album–A Town Called Earth–is worth a few listens, but this track gets me every time. I’ve been listening to it for almost 20 years. (Dear god, is that right?)

“Quantico Va” is a rowdy boogaloo shuffle. By about 30 seconds in, you can tell it’s about to kick your ass. Like a bunch of comedians trying to get each other to laugh, it seems like this track is about amazing players trying to make each other go “ohhhhhhh shit!” over and over again, starting with the ridiculous piano player (see ~6:20 when the drummer just starts growling as he hits). For the entire 10-minute track, every musician gives it everything they’ve got. Respect.

Brook Reeder

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