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HITTING SHELVES: Ultraluminous by Katherine Faw

Ultraluminous by Katherine Faw comes out today! It’’s the story of “a high-end, girlfriend-experience prostitute” who comes back to New York after a decade with a mysterious man in Dubai. Written in quick slashes of brutally direct prose, it’s a novel you cannot ignore and you cannot forget. We asked the author how she’s celebrating.

On December 5, 2017, I will likely wake up at 8:30 a.m. like I do on any date. At various times in my life, I’ve tried getting up earlier but then invariably, after two or three days of waking up at 6 a.m., I will start to question the point of living. Continue reading

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What to Read in December

The Vanishing Princess by Jenny Diski: “The stories in The Vanishing Princess showcase a rarely seen side of this beloved writer, channeling both the piercing social examination of her nonfiction and the vivid, dreamlike landscapes of her novels.”

Ultraluminous by Katherine Faw: “A high-end, girlfriend-experience prostitute has just returned to her native New York City after more than a decade abroad―in Dubai, with a man she recalls only as the Sheikh―but it’s unclear why exactly she’s come back. The daring new novel from Katherine Faw, the brilliant author of Young God, is a scintillating story of money, sex, and power told in Faw’s viciously sharp prose.”

The Years, Months, Days by Yan Lianke: “Yan Lianke―“China’s most feted and most banned author” (Financial Times)―is a master of imaginative satire, and his prize-winning works have been published around the world to the highest honors. Now, his two most acclaimed novellas are collected here in a single volume―masterfully crafted stories that explore the sacrifices made for family, the driving will to survive, and the longing to leave behind a personal legacy.”

Also this month: We’ll interview Michelle Kuo, review The Graybar Hotel, and reveal the 10 Best Books of 2017…

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