Texas Governors and Linguistic Innovation

Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, shot and killed a coyote while he was out jogging.

Perry said the laser pointer on his gun helped make a quick, clean kill. “It was not in a lot of pain,” he said. “It pretty much went down at that particular juncture.”

At that particular juncture?

This is the kind of language you use when selling off part of your company, or speaking to the press about your recent divorce. Both parties are acting in their best interest at this particular juncture, etc. I never thought it would be used to describe the particular juncture at which a living creature goes to the afterlife against its will.

And if Governor Perry — a former Eagle Scout — wears a personal sidearm while jogging (in case of snakes, he says), can we assume he equips himself for more common emergencies, too? Does he go jogging with a snake bite kit, a first aid kit, an emergency heat blanket, a signal flare, 50 feet of rope, a compass, a day’s worth of water, and food rations, too? Or does the gun take care of everything?


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