STORY: High Five

Safety Pin Review is a new magazine that publishes very short stories. But nothing is ever printed on paper. Instead the stories are painted on a piece of fabric, the fabric is affixed to the back of a black studded leather jacket, and the jacket is worn around in public. I feel like I’m not even cool enough to KNOW about this, let alone describe it.

And yet their new issue is a story I wrote, called “High Five.”

Check it out here.

What I love about this magazine is that it’s every bit as functional as posting a chunk of text online – you can still click to view the whole story. But you also know that the story exists physically in the world. It’s moving around in ways you can’t control, coming into contact with strange people.

Simon Jacobs, editor of Safety Pin Review, paid me $4 million for the rights to this story. It’s the most I’ve ever earned for anything. And I, in turn, made a $4 million donation to Safety Pin Review.

Brian Hurley



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  1. My bank is still reeling from the size o’ that donation.

  2. And thanks for your help during week of Nov 7. Would’ve high 5’d you but then I couldn’t have typed this…

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