The Infinite Jest Liveblog: Images

This is the latest entry in Words, Words, Words the ongoing liveblog of David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest.” 


March 2, 2012, N/A. With apologies for the slow pace of recent updates — this damn day job is really cramping my style — here are some images to keep you busy.

A police sketch built on descriptions of Hal Incandenza in the book. This was originally on The Composites, a cool site where you can find more of your favorite literary characters pictured as if they robbed a local convenience store and are still at-large. However, Hal’s image has been removed for reasons that are unclear.

And then, from Brain Pickings, “3 Ways to Visualize the David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest” (sic). A flowchat, a geolocation photo tour, and a character diagram.

PS — You can buy this one here (five over, four down).

Finally, an oldie but goodie from The Boston Globe:

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