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The Faulkner classic The Sound and the Fury is being published in a color-coded text, so that readers can more easily follow the different time periods jumbled together in novel’s notoriously difficult opening section. And apparently, that’s the way Faulkner originally wanted it:

But when Faulkner was working on the book in the 1920s — “The Sound and the Fury” was published in 1929 — he imagined a way to make the section clearer to readers. “I wish publishing was advanced enough to use colored ink,” Faulkner wrote to his editor, “as I argued with you and Hal in the Speakeasy that day.”

“I’ll just have to save the idea until publishing grows up,” he added, inadvertently launching a challenge to future publishers. Nine decades later, the Folio Society took it up.

Read more about the Technicolor edition at the LA Times.

Or pick up your own leather-bound, limited edition copy from the Folio Society for a neat $345.

Or, you know, just get the paperback and a pack of highlighters.

– Michael Moats

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  1. I’ll highlight anyone’s copy of The Sound and the Fury for a bargain basement price of $100.

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