Assent to the Dissent of the Day

A reader of Andrew Sullivan’s “The Dish” urges Sullivan to dump Amazon and link to indie bookstores like the one where s/he works:

As the fine arts book buyer and assistant manager for an independent bookstore [seen above] in your newly-adopted city, I am disheartened to learn that you’re continuing to make affiliate revenue from Amazon, a corporation hell-bent on destroying print culture and, along with it, my job. From their loss-leading book pricing to their vile price-check app, Amazon has made itself the scourge of small booksellers everywhere.


It’s wonderful that you provide healthcare for your interns, but I had hoped the revenue from subscriptions would have covered this. Maybe I’m overstepping my bounds, but I’d love to see you link to indie bookstores like Strand, McNally Jackson, or Community Bookstore in the future.

This is the best idea I’ve heard all day, followed closely by my own idea to visit the Rizzoli bookstore ASAP. For the record, Fiction Advocate is part of the Powell’s Partner Program.

– Michael Moats

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