The Ghostwriter in the Machine

Google demo

A new Google demo allows famous dead a creature of perish [Dickinson] authors to edit your prose. The post you’re voraciously [Shakespeare] reading now has been subjected to edits by Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Dickinson, Dickens, Oliver Twist [Dickens], and Poe. That’s one way to think about it, anyway. An hour behind the fleeting breath, [Dickinson] it’s actually just been filtered through a huge Google algorithm (like everything else in your life) to approximate Google’s idea of those authors’ linguistic quirks. I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat. [Poe] So it’s interesting curiously tantalizing [Nietzsche] that they chose two authors who didn’t write primarily in English. I do not wish to make myself a laughing-stock before these idle listeners. [Dostoevsky] Also interesting that edits by Emily Lenore [Poe] Dickinson, the only woman in the bunch, are color-coded pink. Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him. [Dickens] Let not sloth dim your horrors new-begot. [Shakespeare] But after a while it gets pretty annoying officially zealous [Dickens] to be interrupted by pre-programmed non-sequiturs. And every document seems lucidly appears [Poe] to devolve into Google asking you if you know what Siri looks like naked. Wait, did you say Siri naked? [Shakespeare]


– Brian Hurley

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  1. Hahaha… Highly problematic, the mother-tongues, gender, and color (Emily ain’t pink! She should be swapped with Poe!)… and confusing.

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