Not Your Tom Cruise’s Oblivion

For everyone who was disappointed that the Tom Cruise vehicle “Oblivion” was not based on the David Foster Wallace story and/or collection of the same name, now is your chance to turn that frown upside down! That is, until you see the new “Oblivion” movie, which, as the recently launched Kickstarter campaign describes it, is “story of marital strife, sleep deprivation, and hallucination” and is not likely to be very uplifting.

The only way to find out for sure is to support the campaign and help crowd-fund the movie. There are a few perks to giving, beyond seeing the film completed. Depending on your pledge level, you can get a copy of the movie — which is good since “there are no plans for a digital or online release” — or an edition of the shooting script, an “Oblivion” poster with original artwork by Alex Passapera, or some other goodies.

More details here.

While we’re pretty sure Tom Cruise is not in the movie, we can make no guarantees that there won’t be some weird correlation or fewer than six degrees of separation.

Again, the only way to find out for sure is to throw the guys a few bucks and see what happens.

– Michael Moats


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