Double Whammies


Not to brag or anything, but in the 3 book reviews I published at The Rumpus this week, we managed to review 6 different books.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE, you might ask, incredulous, ripping your hair out and foaming at the mouth. And I would answer serenely: Because they’re all double reviews.

Have you ever heard of restaurants? Or creative writing? Or the Iraq War? Then you’ll love these double whammies, which discuss those very things.

Kea Krause takes a close look at a particular kind of asshole who works in the restaurant business.

Jonathan Russell Clark writes about writers who write about writing.

And Natalie Storey offers a side-by-side comparison of firsthand accounts of the Iraq War — one by an American, one by an Iraqi.

Impressive, no?

No. Double impressive.

Brian Hurley is Books Editor at The Rumpus and Curator of the Critical Hit Awards at Electric Literature.

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