USSR for Only $8

Here is the $8 deal on PayPal.


Hi friends!

We published a novel that’s hella popular on Amazon, but we’re earning almost no money from it, because Amazon sucks.

So we’ll make you a deal.

Buy the paperback edition of USSR: Diary of a Perestroika Kid by Vladimir Kozlov (trans. Andrea Gregovich) directly from us at PayPal, and you can have it for only $8.

This is the book that NPR strongly recommended as “a universal story about the petty humiliations and hard-won triumphs of youth.” You’ll be saving $10 off the Amazon price, and we’ll be earning more than Amazon will ever give us.

Don’t let the big guys win! Enjoy this “exquisitely detailed” novel about “urban decay in the shadow of the Iron Curtain” for only $8. Thanks for supporting small press publishing!

Our supply is limited. Get your $8 copy of USSR now.

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