The 10 Best Things We Did in 2017

Ashley Wells invented a movie drinking game.

Nina Schuyler showed us how to write about political protests.

E.B. Bartels and Scaachi Koul talked about writing for Buzzfeed vs. writing a book.

Brook Reeder drew our attention to Chance the Rapper’s jaw-dropping performance on The Late Show.

Robert Repino created a surprisingly erudite bibliography for his sci-fi novel about animals taking over the world.

Andrea Gregovich and Jeffrey Zuckerman talked about the challenges of translating a highly idiosyncratic writer.

Rick Moody wrote 6 different forewords to a book by Cris Mazza.

Jamilah Lemieux brought new urgency to Ann Petry’s stories about African American life in the 1940s to 1970s.

Jess Arndt told us how she’s celebrating her first book.

James Scott eulogized the irreplaceable Denis Johnson.

OH AND ALSO we published a brilliant 464-page novel about young artists in Ancient Greece, dead bodies turning up in Manhattan, and why gay sex is the best religion there is.

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